Date Chocolate Brownie Full Slice


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310 cals, 18g fat (4.1g sat fat) 32g carbs, 18.1g sugar, 6.2g protein Per Serve.

Ingredients: Old Gold 70% Cacao, Dates, Coconut Oil, Eggs, light dusting of icing sugar

Homemade date chocolate brownies, The perfect snack after dinner or for that chocolate hit needed during the day.

With a soft center this will top your list of the perfect healthy treat!


Approx 14 pieces per slice.


What is Trista’s Kitchen?

We are a meal preparation company preparing & delivering fresh, healthy meals to help you reach your health & fitness goals.

You have 2 menu’s to choose from, What is the difference?

We offer a range of meals to suit every lifestyle. Our Variety menu is calorie controlled with a range of breakfast, lunch & dinner’s.

Our nutrition menu is portion controlled and contains a certain amount of protein, carbs & fats to help you reach your nutritional goals.

Can i order from both menu’s?

Yes you can order from both menu’s. Add the individual meals to your shopping cart & checkout when your ready.

Where are you located & how are the meals prepared?

Our kitchen is based in Leongatha, We use premium ingredients for our meals such as local free range eggs, hormone free chicken breast & grass fed Australian beef. Vegetables are fresh from our garden or sourced from local markets. All your meals are freshly prepared every week. Containing no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. After preparation meals are refrigerated & delivered within 12hrs. Simply heat up your meal in the microwave, at work or in the comfort of your own home. Reclaim your prep time & start enjoying the benefits of nutritious, fresh meals.

Where do you deliver?

Meals are delivered to the following locations every week:

South Gippsland

Latrobe Valley

Bass Coast

West Gippsland


OR Direct pick up is available from

Kitchen HQ in Leongatha


How much does it cost?

All meals start at $8.80 each.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is $15 to your door or it is free to collect meals from Leongatha.

When , where & what time do i pick up my meals?

Leongatha pick up’s: Every Wednesday after 10am at Trista’s Kitchen HQ. *Address will be advised via email.

Where do you deliver & what can i do if you don’t deliver to my area?

We are currently Leongatha based & cover all of Sth Gippsland, Latrobe Valley, Bass Coast & West Gippsland. 

For any questions regarding delivery please contact us on or 0438 324 923

What time do you deliver?

You can expect your order to be delivered between 9am- 3pm every week.

We will send reminder's via SMS to remind you of delivery day & order day.

Please remember to leave your cool box & ice pack out for a swap over.

How are my meals delivered, do i need to be home for delivery?

You do not need to be home for delivery. Meals are delivered in Polystyrene boxes with dry ice packs. We advise to not let your meals sit in the box for no longer than 10 hours. *There is a once off $10 dollar fee for the cool box & ice pack. This is yours to keep & needs to be left out on your next order for the driver to do a swap. You will receive your week’s worth of food in one delivery. We can deliver to your home or office whichever is more convenient.

What is the shelf life of the food?

Our meals are not frozen to ensure the highest nutritional content is maintained. All food is reheatable other than our salads which are designed to be eaten fresh. All items are to be stored in the fridge below 4 degrees to ensure freshness is maintained. Meals can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 days. If you do not plan on eating all of your meals within the 4 day period, you can freeze them until required. Meals are delivered fresh, so freezing is not an issue. All salad dishes should be refrigerated & consumed within 4 days of delivery.

How do i heat my meals?

Remove lid from your meals and place them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.

We always recommend that you defrost your meals if they were previously frozen prior to heating them.

When is the deadline to place orders?

Sunday midnight.

Why do i have to place my order by Sunday evenings for delivery the following week?

We strive to ensure the freshest possible food is provided to our customers. As a result we do not stock pile food unnecessarily. To ensure we are able to provide the freshest available produce our Chefs need several days to arrange delivery from our suppliers. Your payment secures your order of fresh produce and guarantees your delivery.

What happens if i place an order after cut off?

We will always do our best to process your order for the next closest delivery day, otherwise your order will arrive the following week. It's important that you let us know in your delivery notes if you’d specifically like your order to be delivered for the following week.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a 7 meal minimum order.

How do i order?

Browse our online menu, add individual meals or preset to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout when you’re ready.

Do i need to sign up to a contract?

We have a no lock-in contract policy where you can order weekly or whenever you like at your leisure.

How do i pay?

At the checkout you will be asked to enter your details for payment online. We accept VISA, MasterCard debit/credit cards and payment via PayPal.

I didn’t receive exactly what i ordered

The Trista’s Kitchen team is great at packing the meals we send out each week, however please email us or give us a call on 0438 324 923 if there are any issues with the order you've received.

What does (VG,GF) mean?


Are you Vegetarian? Vegan?

YES we cater for you! When ordering please place in the notes section which items you require to be removed from the meal.


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