Born & raised on a farm in the Strzelecki hills. Italian & Dutch nationality we had no choice but to eat eat eat! Food was constant, fresh & home grown. Milk was straight from the vat. Wherever we went there was food, homemade, fresh & delicious.
Our aim is to re invent the food that we grew up with, to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle & reach your goals with our nutrition packs & calorie controlled menu. Using lean meats & fresh produce, fresh herbs, preparing your meals the traditional way. Meals are delivered fresh, weekly.
No hidden ingredients, no preservatives, no frozen deliveries & most of all... Made with 100% commitment to supplying you with our knowledge of the traditional cooking methods.
Delivering to South Gippsland, Latrobe Valley & Bass Coast, we are working to help every single one of you.
Check out the current menu's & let us help you live a healthy lifestyle

We are putting something back into the flow of history, that's going to help the community & help other people, so that 50 years from now people will know, we didn't just have a passion, we care about making something that people can benefit from.
Our goals are to inspire you to to live the best version of yourself, not only physically but mentally aswell.
Our Pop up Kitchen caters for Events, Festivals & Markets with the capability to handle all size events & can be flexible with our menu.
Thanking everyone for their support we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for all of you!
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